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What is Oil Mist and Risk from it

Oil Mist Refers to Oil Droplets Suspended in the Air in the Size Range 1~10 μm.

Creation of Oil Mist

Oil Mist may form when High Pressure Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Or Other Oil is sprayed through a Narrow Crack, Or When Leaked Oil Connects with a High Temperature Surface, Vaporizes, And Comes in Contact with Low Air Temperature.

This Happens While the Fluids Interact with The Moving Parts During Machining.

Smaller Oil Droplets Than Oil Mist is Difficult to Generate Under Normal Circumstances.

Bigger Oil Droplets Than Oil Mist Remain in Spray Form, This has the Advantage of a Higher Ignition Temperature. It Sinks Easily, Reducing Fire Hazard. Oil Mist Inside the Crankcase Can Cause A Bigger Problem.

What is Risk by Oil Mist

When the Concentration of Oil Mist Increases and Reaches the Lower Explosion Limit (LEL; 50 Mg/ℓ, As Defined by the IACS), Explosion May Occur When the Mist Contacts Surfaces of Over 200 °C (392 °F) Or a Spark.

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Mandates That All Ships with A Cylinder Diameter Greater Than 300mm Or Engine Power Over 2,250 kw must be equipped with Either Bearing Temperature Detectors or Oil Mist Detectors.

Engine Safety Recommendation by using Oil Mist Detectors

We Recommend you to use Oil Mist Detector-OMD of Well-Known and Successful brands. we can suggest you for Kidde Graviner MK5, Graviner MK6, Graviner MK7 and Specs Vision Atmospheric Oil Mist Detector-AOMD & Crankcase Oil Mist Detector-COMDSchaller Visatron VN 115/87, Visatron VN 215/87, Visatron Vn 215/93 And Daihatsu MD 9M. These All Oil Mist Detector Has Recognized that Oil Mist is First Warning Of Future Lubrication Problem, and All These OMD Detect It Very Successful, False-Alarm is Safe System for Engine Protection Against Crankcase Flare-Ups began by the Ignition Of Oil Mist. Crankcase Flare-ups, which are began by Overheating Of The Moving Mechanisms Inside Engines creating a Possibly Explosive Oil Mist, have Distressing Financial Costs and Can Risk Lives. Now A Days, the Oil Mist Detection System must be Delivered and it is Preferable for Crankcase Monitoring Systems to the all engines which is using for Marine and Industrial application.

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